Check out the other competitions at the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride in 2021!

The North American Shagya-Arabian Society will be holding their distance championships at the Mary & Anna Ride!

We are excited to be hosting the event! Shagya riders, if you’re registered for this event, don’t forget to register with Shawna as well!

Register Online: Anna & Mary Online Registration

or…Print & Send: PNER/AERC Fillable Entry Form (Send entries here: Carol Giles, 1304 NE Montana Ln, Prineville, OR 97754)

The Ride & Tie Association Logo

We will also be hosting a Ride and Tie competition. You can find more information here:

Again, don’t forget to fill out an online registration form so we can have you on the correct spreadsheets!

So many reasons to come to the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride!

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