About the Mary and Anna Memorial Youth Fund

A batch of “Anna and Mary’s Kids” riding the 2019 Mary and Anna Memorial Ride.

In an effort to honor the two ladies this ride memorializes, a fund was started by the Equine Distance Riding Association (EDRA). This fund was created to enable ride managers to offer free ride entries to all riders 18 and under, regardless of club affiliation. ALL youth riders riding in the NW region are eligible.

This was to honor Anna Sampson and Mary Nunn, who were pivotal ladies in the northwest endurance season for many decades. They rode together both on horseback and to and from the rides together. They could nearly always be found with a bunch of their kids with them. The demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship and found every opportunity to “give back” to the endurance/distance riding community. They showed up to as many rides as they could get to. They volunteered, they rode, their kids rode and volunteered. When EDRA was founded, they joined and supported the mission of the organization. They worked hard to be inclusive of all riders, regardless of their organization affiliation.

Riders under age 18, as of January 1 of the current ride season are eligible for a scholarship from
EDRA toward ride entry fees at any ride recognized by Pacific NW Endurance Rides, Inc. (PNER) or EDRA.
EDRA will reimburse ride managers up to 50% of the posted full-price ride
entry fee (for ride distances recognized by PNER).

Funds are available for any child meeting the criteria above, irrespective of
distance riding affiliation, as long as they start the ride event, even if they do
not complete.
As a result of generous donations from Outback Station, proceeds from the Mary Nunn & Anna Sampson Memorial Ride, and many others, there has been ample funds available for
distribution, which is be paid out on a first-come-first-serve basis until such
time are depleted. This hasn’t happened yet, thanks to many generous donations!

Your tax deductible donation is always appreciated!

Click: Mary and Anna Memorial Youth Fund to learn more about where the fund originated, how it’s funded and who’s donating.

For additional information on eligibility and/or process, or to make a donation, please contact SueMcLain at (206) 604-3200 or kastu88@msn.com.

Anna Sampson and Mary Nunn, true best friends for life.

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