UPDATE: 8/3/2021 Check out our updated homepage!

Please visit our ride’s homepage with updated information on registering and payment.

Mary and Anna Memorial Ride – The Mary and Anna Memorial Ride honors the Northwest’s most dedicated women ever to come along in the sport of endurance/distance riding, Anna Sampson and Mary Nunn.

Remember, all current information will always posted here first, in a blog post. These get shared, please share, to the Facebook pages second.

Education opportunity! Celena Pentrack will be doing an education session on Friday afternoon on how to vet in, TROT OUT, and present your horses to the vets during a ride. Please plan to attend! A time will be posted soon.

The awards are ordered! You’re gonna love ’em, as you always do! We’ve ordered completion buckles for the 100 mile riders! Max Merlich helped with the design.

This ride is an absolute IDEAL ride to introduce yourself or your horse to the next distance up. Maybe it’s time to go for that first 100 mile buckle!

Can’t wait to see everyone at the 2021 Mary and Anna Memorial Ride!

Celena Pentrack and her junior riders at a past Mary & Anna Memorial Ride!

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