UPDATE 8/10/2021, No Ride & Tie this year and some other noteworthy items

Sorry folks, we just don’t have the logistics to offer the Ride and Tie this year. Max spoke a representative of the R&T Association, and we’ll try again next year with better planning.

On another note, please keep the registrations coming in! We have a great ride planned this year. Lois has put together some beautiful awards! Val and Kevin Vollbrecht are planning to feed a crowd! The weather is looking good and there are not currently any fires presenting a danger to the air quality or the trails at this time.

Max and Darlene will be headed to the Oregon Outback this weekend to map out a loop we haven’t seen in awhile. More on that when we know more!

We have a number of 100 mile riders signing up, so plan to stay up and cheer them on as they finish their rides!

Celena Pentrack is planning her education session for Friday afternoon. We’ll post a time soon.

See you there!

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