7/14/2020 Update! Our numbers are growing!

Our numbers are growing! As of today, July 14, 2020, we have 23 folks signed up to ride the EDRA rides and 38 people signed up to ride the AERC rides. Great job signing up early, folks! We appreciate your efforts! If you have questions about your entry, or you wish to bring a paper entry along, PLEASE, contact Shawna Bowin, our ride secretary, as soon as possible. A form to contact Shawna is on the Online Entries page.

Just a reminder, all riders have until 7/31/2020 to get pre-registered. At that time we will determine which ride will go which day (AERC or EDRA). The day with the most 100 mile entries will be on Saturday, 8/29. This is so those traveling to compete in the 100 miler can make the most of their travel time. We will make the announcement on Monday, August 3rd, 2020. This should give all riders ample opportunity to make appropriate ride plans.

On the dinner plans, if we cannot feed our riders/crews, dinner on Saturday evening, due to COVID restrictions, we will make every effort to provide boxed lunches during your rides.

We will continue to update folks on the numbers as the month goes on. We’d really like to offer both days, EDRA and AERC. This is a great opportunity to experience both organizations under good management.

Please enter here: Online Entries

If, we have to cancel the ride for any reason, your entire entry fee will be refunded.

Entries as of 7/14/2020
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