Mary and Anna Memorial Ride UPDATE! 7/9/2020

The following is a letter from Max Merlich, one of the Anna & Mary Memorial Ride Managers:


Hello potential Mary and Anna Memorial riders,

Our ride is in Lake County, Oregon, so we are cleared for 100 people per day in a gathering.  We have decided the following on the numbers of riders per day minimum and maximum for each day.

First of all we need ten riders on the 100 for both EDRA day and AERC day if we are to have a 100 mile distance.  The sanctioning organization with the largest number of 100’s will go on Saturday, assuming they have ten entries.  If the other organization has ten 100’s as well they will go on Sunday.  This will set who goes on Saturday and who goes on Sunday.  If we don’t get the minimum ten 100 mile entries, for either organization, then we will put the day with the most pre-entries on Saturday, and the other organization on Sunday.

The second criteria is that each day have a minimum of 40 riders for all distances and a maximum of 75 riders for all distances.  This allows us to have 25 additional people to handle all the associated ride duties and still stay below the 100 person limit per day.

Registrations will close on July 31 and we will announce how it will go shortly after. 

Of course this depends on EDRA and AERC actually sanctioning/endorsing our events, under the conditions we’ve just set, but at this time we have no good reason why either organization would not sanction/endorse. 

We have an outline of what is expected from us, as ride managers within AERC and EDRA, and we see it as doable. We’ll also have a “Covid Steward” each day.

We are sorry to have to deal in absolutes for a sport that has been so casual in the past, but we really want to give the most people the best chance to come out and compete in a year that has been very challenging. 

Your M&A Management Team will be at the Bandit Springs ride this weekend and will be available for questions or clarifications.   

Thank you for your patience, and your Mary and Anna Memorial Ride entry! We promise to give you the best ride possible!

Max Merlich, chief trail finder, permit git’ter and water guy.

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