The PNER Blood Machine will be at the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride!

The Pacific Northwest Rides group (PNER) will be making their blood chemistry analyzer available to all the riders at the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride again!

One of the best assets that PNER has had to offer to members and non-members alike!

One of the best ways to make good use of the Blood Machine is to draw a “pre”sample, a “mid” ride sample, if possible, and a “post” sample. At the very least, a Pre and Post will give the rider some valuable information, by giving the rider good baseline numbers and helps a rider to determine how their horse performed, metabolically, during their ride.

You only need to let one of the veterinarians know you’d like to do blood work and we’ll do the rest!

The cost for PNER members is $45/draw (i.e. before and after draws would be $90).

Non-PNER members will pay $55/draw.

PNER is pleased to make this valuable too available to all who attend the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride!

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