5/19/23 Update: The trails are in perfect shape!

View from near the top of the Willow Butte loop.

Max and Darlene marked the 40 mile Willow Butte loop yesterday and only found two big trees and a few little ones across the trail. Things look really good on the trails right now. They’re not even really dusty!

Max, doing what he loves most, sawing on trees!

Carol reported that we have nearing 100 riders signed up, with 27 of those riders having entered the 100 miler! That’s just incredible! We’re very excited about having a big 100 miler again! There’s still time to get your registration in, for the distance that brings you joy!

Fort Rock, from the Willow Butte loop
This is the P1neApp art style I chose for our foray into the woods yesterday, in honor of the beautiful spring weather! So pretty!
The forecast is looking quite promising! It’ll be a good weekend for riding horses!

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