The 2023 edition of the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride is starting to gear up!

Max, Darlene and Carol went out to the Outback Station, near Ft. Rock, Oregon, to check things out in ride camp. Since the next two editions of the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride will be essentially prep for the 2024 AERC National Championships, riders will be seeing some new procedures at work this year and next.

First off, the vet area will be at the opposite end of camp from previous years. Most riders are familiar with the small arena just past the shower building. All of the vetting will be done in that arena this year. This will help keep the pulsing area, the crew areas, and if necessary, the treatment barn all close for the veterinarians to access.

Secondly, the pens will be moved into a line, in the middle of ride camp and will be offered in a lottery fashion. It’s a well known fact that there are a limited number of pens available. So, starting in 2023, the pens will be awarded by lottery, administered by Carol Giles. To enter the Pen Lottery, you must submit your name to Carol, (, by April 17, 2023. If you are awarded a pen, you must pay the $40 non-refundable pen fee to Carol by May 1, 2023. A waiting list will be maintained by Carol, and riders will be notified if a pen becomes available after the lottery is completed.  

Third! The online registration form will be live in a few days. If you’re planning to print, fill out, and send in a paper entry, you are encouraged to do so. Click here for the printable form: AERC/PNER Fillable Entry .

Lastly, payment! As you’ve likely figured out, by this time, we are asking for riders to pay with cash or check this year. It makes the bookkeeping much easier for Carol. When you send in your electronic entry, we’re asking that you drop a check, in the amount of $25, made out to “TER Endurance”, in the mail to Carol: Carol Giles, 1304 NE Montana Ln, Prineville, OR 97754. If you absolutely need to pay electronically, use the following links: PayPal or Venmo, the pre-registration deposit fee is $35. Remainder of deposits, after merchant fees will be applied to your entry fee.

Please refer to our homepage with any additional questions about your entry, entry fees, etc, for the time being.

Looking out on an early spring ride camp. BRRRRR!
Carol and Max talking ride camp logistics.

After all that logistic talk, we were hungry, so off we went to the Waterin’ Hole, in Fort Rock. Their burgers were amazing, as always!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone over Memorial Day Weekend, out in the Oregon Outback!

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