Work has begun on the 2023 Mary and Anna Memorial Ride!

Carol Giles has begun to start putting together the loop configurations for the 2023 Mary and Anna Memorial Ride! These loops will be a preview for the 2024 AERC National Championships! Carol has extensive international endurance experience, so we’re very fortunate to have her on our team! You can rest assured that, as always, we’re putting together the best trails possible for our riders!

We’ve had a good winter with snow levels well over the yearly average. We’re sincerely hoping this means good trails and lots of spring grass out there for our horses!

It’s time to start thinking about getting your preregistration deposit sent over to Carol also! She and Shawna will be hard at work putting together all of the registration packets in the days before the ride. All of the information for the registrations is on our homepage. **Please take note, Carol, our official bookkeeper prefers to receive paper checks or money orders from folks for this pre-registration. If you absolutely feel like you have to pay with Venmo or PayPal, you’ll notice that the fee is $10 more. This is because of the fees charged to the ride, to receive electronic payments. All of the deposit received, outside of the fees will be applied to your entry fee. Please note that these are non-refundable. You’ll pay the remainder of your entry fee with cash or check, once you arrive in ride camp. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Keeps the bookkeeping cleaner for all of us.

We’ve gotten started on conditioning our horses for the 2023 endurance season, have you? Let’s get this party started!

~See ya out on the trails, and definitely at the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride!

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