5/24/22 UPDATE: The trails are marked and still no further EHM/EHV cases reported. All good news!

Sharalyn’s Rio boy holding down the Outback Station fort.

Max and his Trail Gang have done some good work in the Outback!

All of the loops are marked, thanks to Max, Carol, Sharalyn and Richard! They’re getting camp all set up and will expect to see rigs start showing up as early as tomorrow. Max and Richard are going to start putting water on the trail tomorrow.

Richard with Bella and Kenzi, taking care of business.

Still have not heard of any new cases of EHV/EHM being reported in Central Oregon, so that’s great news!

Mrs Smallz Food Truck will be rolling in on Thursday. Hopefully, they’ll have food offerings on Thursday evening. I’ll try to find out and post that.

Travel safe to the ride, we can’t wait to see everyone.

I’ll just be here in Powell Butte, nursing my case of FOMO while my peeps are down in the Outback taking care of business!

~Darlene, Max, and the Gang

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