5/22/22 UPDATE: No new EHM/EHV cases reported and more!

Fingers very crossed, there have been no additional cases of Equine EHM/EHV reported in Deschutes County or elsewhere in Central Oregon. Please, good mojo that this stays this way.

GPS Tracks for the Jones to Willow and Jones Well Short loops have been updated. You can download them anytime. There is a link posted on the Rider Packet page.

The trails look great! We had about 4 raindrops fall last night as we were falling asleep. Alas, it wasn’t enough to beat down the dust out there, but any moisture is welcome these days. Just not too much! We’re very grateful to Richard, Sharalyn’s sweetie, for bringing his outfit to keep the dust down in camp.

We will have our signs out on Hwy 31, to warn you of the turn towards ride camp. You’ll see bright pink, blue polka dots and red reflective striped ribbon out on the highway. When you make the turn off Hwy 31 onto the dirt road that goes into ride camp, please follow the ribbons and signs. We’d like all rigs to come into camp via the main gate.

A quick reminder…DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR NAVIGATION to the address of the Outback Station. It takes you way past the correct turn. The directions to ride camp are on the homepage.

See ya’ll soon!

~Darlene, Max and the Mary and Anna Ride Management Gang!

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