UPDATE 8/18/2021 – The Mary and Anna Memorial Rider packet is ready!

You can now access the Rider Packet! The general information, ride rules, gps tracks and topo maps are all there!

We will be out at ride camp this weekend, getting the camp set up and setting the place up for the ride.


We’ll be setting up the ride pens. What? You ask why we are doing this? Seems that other folks who camp out at the Outback Station MOVE the pens around, into their own configurations. So, now we’re having to move the pens back into 4 panel configurations so we can offer as many pens as possible. Ride Secretary Most Special, Shawna Bowin, will be releasing the Horse Pen Assignments next week. The pens will be assigned in the order of your entry submission time stamps. A wait list will be made with those who’ve paid for their entries and requested pens already. You will pay for your pen when you register with Shawna at the ride. There will likely only be 13 to 14 pens available and the wait list is longer than that. Please plan to contain your horse at your own trailer with your own pens or high ties.

Ride Volunteers, please register as soon as possible, so we have an accurate count and will have enough food and whatnot for everyone! We appreciate our volunteers a bunch!


Darlene, Max, Shawna, and Carol, your Mary and Anna Memorial Ride Managment Team!

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