Ride entry #’s, horse pen and dinner update 8/19/21

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Many of you have asked how many riders we have signed up, so Shawna ran the numbers, which are incomplete.

From Shawna, 8/19 early a.m., “We currently have 77 riders (plus volunteers) signed up: 4 for intro (I expect more will actually come), 23 for the 25, 34 for the 50. 3 for the 75 and 13(!!) for the 100.”

I’ve seen and heard of a couple more entries being sent in, after that update, so….let’s have a ride folks! In case you missed that, the 100 mile ride is ON!

AQI update

The AQI near Ft Rock has been pretty good, and stays low or low moderate. Currently it’s 62 (Thurs 8/19 about 2 pm). Let’s keep our fingers crossed that things stay good!


Ok gang, the pens…the pens! Please, please plan to contain your horses with your own pens or high ties. The waiting list is a mile long and there will only be about 13-14 pens available. Safe hot wire pens are allowed since our ride camp is in a fenced area. There aren’t many trees in camp, so high lining isn’t a good option. We are going out this weekend to reconfigure the pens into 4 panel pens. Some will be connected because that’ll conserve pens, and you could have two pens sharing a common panel. We want all the folks to come and ride, but pens are very limited, considering the numbers we have entering.


We’ll try to block an area near the vet check for our 100 mile riders so they can get back and forth to their rigs easily during their holds. Please respect the markers that will be out there. We’ll have the area signed off. Obviously if you’re riding the 100 and don’t want to park in the reserved area, you certainly don’t have to!

There is also going to be an area blocked off for volunteers to park. This area will be behind where Max and Darlene park, near the start line and vet area. It will also be marked off. Again, volunteers, you don’t have to feel obligated to park there, you just can if you want.


Another plug about the dinner being served on Friday before the ride meeting, Please let Shawna know if you have extra dinners you’re wanting to purchase for your crew/family. We need to have solid numbers to give Val and Kevin so we have enough food for all!

ROUGH AGENDA (subject to change, stay tuned!)

THURSDAY morning: Ride camp opens (please make prior arrangements if you wish to show up on Wednesday.)


Vetting in will start when the vets have arrived and have had a minute to set up their own camps.

4:00 pm: Celena Pentrack will do an education session on how to vet your horse through efficiently and look like a pro while you’re at it! This girl knows how to trot out a horse.

Because you don’t want to look like this when you trot out your horse for the vet!
~Photo of Darlene and Guadalupe, Grizzly Mtn Ride 2011, by Shannon Rivas

5:00 pm: Dinner! Barrel Chicken & Fixin’s by Kevin & Valerie Vollbrecht. FREE for Riders, Ride Vets and Volunteers, $8/person all others

5:30 pm: Pre-Ride meeting for the 75 and 100 mile riders, with Max Merlich

6:00 pm: Pre-Ride meeting for the trail riders, 25 and 50 mile riders.


5:30 am: 75 and 100 mile riders start

6:30 am: 50 mile riders start

7:00 am: 25 mile riders start

9:00-10:00 am: Trail riders start


7:30 am: Awards

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming week!

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