The Mary & Anna Memorial Ride 10/19/2019

As of 2019, Max & Darlene Merlich, and Carol Giles & Ron Sproat, have taken over the official management of the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride. As some of you may recall, last year the ride was managed by the Equine Distance Riding Association. The four who’ve taken over the management of the ride are so passionate about this ride that they decided to take responsibility for all aspects of the ride.

Other than a change in official management, the ride will remain the same, and the ride will proudly benefit the Mary and Anna Memorial Youth Fund.

The ride will again be held at the Outback Station, between LaPine and Silver Lake, Oregon.

Your entries can be sent to Carol Giles, our ride secretary, by October 10, 2019.

1304 NE Montana Ln
Prineville, OR 97753

Stay tuned for more information on the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride!

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