Outback Station 3Peat Wrap-Up Report

Whew…it took me a long time to be able to formulate this wrap up. Very sorry for that! Memorial Day weekend seems so long ago already!

Max and I must have been in an altered mental status when we decided to manage a 3 day EDRA distance event, complete with Ride and Tie, and Equine Trail Sports!

First off, our trails were beautiful this year, thanks to a damp spring in Central Oregon. This made for fantastic footing! Our weather hadn’t quite made the corner from early spring to late spring so we saw some rain, some wind, and lots of rolling clouds and sunshine. It wasn’t terrible, thanks to the very gracious hospitality of the Outback Station owners, Dennis and Linda Tribby, for allowing us to take over their house for nearly a week!

There was lots of water available on the trails, thank to Max’s efforts. Each day he went out and retrieved the tanks off of “yesterday’s” trails and placed them on “tomorrow’s” trails. Lack of water was never an issue on any of the days!

The absolute best part of our trails was NO SABOTAGE! The trails were all expertly marked by Max, Carol Giles, Sue Summers and myself. Sue Summers bent over absolutely backwards to get our tracks available to those with apps on their phones, most notably, the Run with GPS app. Other than some glitches that we can mostly figure out, the Run with GPS app has been a godsend to distance riders. They can load up the tracks and the app will make a sound if they get off trail. Best part is, riders can load up the tracks, open the trail they’re on, turn up the volume, turn the phone to airplane mode (or not), stick it in their pocket and forget about it! This leaves them to enjoy all the trails have to offer without looking at their phones every few minutes. An additional perk to EDRA membership is being able to join the EDRA “club” that Sue set up on Run with GPS and get the tracks with voice navigation! Everyone who’s used it loves it. In our sport, all I can say is, it’s about time! I can’t wait to get back in the saddle and try it for myself!

We had two teams of Ride and Tie competitors on Saturday and one team on Sunday. Those folks are tough! Many thanks to Sequoya Ward for helping get all that organized!

On Sunday and Monday, we offered Equine Trail Sports events. Sunday was an “In Hand” obstacle event on the grounds and a trail course that went out and around the Hole in the Ground. Monday had another In Hand event, as well as an Obstacle Challenge on the grounds.

In endurance/distance riding, a manager must have a few things to make the ride go. A ride manager willing to hold the ride, a place to hold the ride, trails for the ride, veterinarians to oversee the horses entered in the ride, and riders! Vets are key though. If you can’t get a vet at your ride, you don’t have a ride. In ETS though, you need all of those things, except a veterinarian, but you also need judges for your obstacles! If you don’t have judges, you don’t have an event. I underestimated how difficult it would be to gather judges. I am extremely thankful to our judges who stepped up and volunteered their time and efforts. Many many thanks to Dr Cassee Terry, Sarah Hockett, Shawna Bowin and Cindi Sayer, who all took the time to get certified as an ETS judge so our event could launch. Huge thanks to Steve Fromhold and Norm Thompson, who volunteered as “seasoned” judges and were so helpful to the rest of us! My idea in offering an ETS event the same weekend as an EDRA event was the thought that some folks from each discipline would “cross over” to the other and give it a try. I was very happy to see that happen! Even Max’s ole Junior mule entered a couple of the ETS events that weekend! He didn’t do to shabby!

Landmark Catering made sure that all of our vets, volunteers, riders and crews ate very well all weekend long! We had leafy green salads every night, served with Woody’s homemade Lasagna, Shepherd’s Pie and Chicken Parmesan, with cookies and brownies to boot! Riders contributed some yummy desserts!

This ride wouldn’t have been possible without our volunteers/contributors. We are indebted to these folks immeasurably. Ron Sproat , Carol Giles, and Celena Pentrack of Sabiq Arabian Ranch are always so generous with their time and resources, from clearing and marking trails, helping with awards and food. Carol does all the pre-registrations, bookkeeping and reporting to the feds for us! There is so much they do behind the scenes that folks aren’t even aware of. Dennis and Sue Summers donate time and resources to our rides in ways we can’t even describe. From helping clear trails, to setting out water, double checking our tracks and marking, and working around the camp. Robin Burns donated an entry this year, thank you! Tom Dean didn’t get to attend, but his presence was felt in ways riders didn’t even realize. Lois Fox was in charge of procuring awards and did a fantastic job! She’s hired for life! She also shows up early and helps with registration table. (Anna and Mary would be proud of Lois, and Carol!) Steve and Brenda Fromhold stayed over and helped us get packed out on Monday, and helped drive our extra rig home. THANK YOU! The rides would not have happened at all if it hadn’t been for Dr Kelley Jones and Dr Cassee Terry making time on a holiday weekend to come out and spend the weekend with us. Dr Kelley toted the port-o-potty out to the out vet checks for us and we really appreciate that! And last but not least…thank you to you, the riders who made the time and effort to attend our humble rides. We so appreciate you. I now I’ve forgotten someone, and I’m sorry if I didn’t get you mentioned.

All in all, we had a fantastic long weekend. We didn’t have a huge number of riders, but we sure did have huge quality in the riders who attended. At the end of the day, that is the most important thing. Sadly, we won’t be offering the 3Peat ride again next year, but who knows what’s in store for us. Max and I don’t let much moss grow under our feet. Love you all,


Results from the 3Peat:

Outback 3Peat Rides 05/24/2019 – 25 – Last date for corrections: 06/30/2019

PlaceMember NameMember PNERHorseHorse PNERPointsFinish TimeNotes
1Tani Bates2271CR Marjan Roars85477002:38
2Kyle Hockett4899Detailed Legacy1129857.503:00BC
3Sarah Ferguson4972Serenade117685003:33
4Carol Hassebroek4750Glorified Command117734503:37
5Rachelle Schneider9390Feather16118003:54
6Susan Turner9301Bella161023504:37
7Patricia Highlander4974Ladybug117693005:15
8Siiri Berg4890Fritz the Kat1611927.505:15
9Sharalyn Hay4438Dalai Lama97000Pull

Outback 3Peat Rides 05/24/2019 – 50 – Last date for corrections: 06/30/2019

PlaceMember NameMember PNERHorseHorse PNERPointsFinish TimeNotes
1Dennis Summers1578Oh Susannah9792005:11BC
2Susan Summers1556Pavberg10988005:11
3Darcy Bean1838HB Aur Squirt90179506:39
4Joslynn Terry (Jr)4896AH Priority Male1287215006:53
5Ansley McCabe (Jr)8158SAR Im Stormin Norman1114311006:53
6Celena Pentrack4206SAR Wileycoyotesmokes117188506:53
7Darla Westlake954Cyalater Aligaitar112347506:05
8Sierra Westlake2670Perfect Elegant Storm161206506:06

Outback 3Peat Rides 05/25/2019 – 25 – Last date for corrections: 06/30/2019

PlaceMember NameMember PNERHorseHorse PNERPointsFinish TimeNotes
1Julie Barnfather2377Marcos1612172.502:44BC
2Sandra Cheek1005HHR Flashy Rebel108596002:44
3Rose Corey4760RC VinnDiesel1162052.502:55
4Katrina Tyler7166Boo8637003:40
5Cheri Van Bebber4977SAR Smokey Phantom1494442.503:41
6Cassady Swan9391Shadow10105003:50
7Shannon Bebeau9354Chaos16069003:50
8Sharalyn Hay4438Dalai Lama97003004:32
9Ann Lewis9336Maareesa1605927.504:32
10Naya Lewis (Jr)9337Asher160607504:34

Outback 3Peat Rides 05/25/2019 – 50 – Last date for corrections: 06/30/2019

PlaceMember NameMember PNERHorseHorse PNERPointsFinish TimeNotes
1Sarah Hockett4709TCF Miles High1046813005:01
2Dennis Summers1578TK Tiki10951005:01BC
3Ron Sproat977SAR FS Valient Heart107459006:09
4Carol Giles1004SAR Dragon Rider107448006:09
5Celena Pentrack4206OMR Prophet114907006:35
6Tani Bates2271VG Patriotic Dream114256006:51
7Lois Fox2033Layla’s Knightly Getaway149185006:51

Outback 3Peat Rides 05/26/2019 – 25 – Last date for corrections: 06/30/2019

PlaceMember NameMember PNERHorseHorse PNERPointsFinish TimeNotes
1Sarah Ferguson4972Serenade117686003:30
2Sandra Cheek1005HHR Flashy Rebel1085947.503:30
3Rachel Corey9393RC VinnDiesel11620003:32
4Kyle Hockett4899Detailed Legacy112983503:34
5Carol Giles1004SAR Dragon Rider107443003:43
6Ron Sproat977SAR FS Valient Heart107452503:44BC

Outback 3Peat Rides 05/26/2019 – 50 – Last date for corrections: 06/30/2019

PlaceMember NameMember PNERHorseHorse PNERPointsFinish TimeNotes
1Celena Pentrack4206OMR Prophet1149010006:52BC
2Rebecca Fiedler2340SAR Street Walker108207507:36
3Melissa Wilberger9392SH Khavalier9910007:36
4Mari Smultea3866Reali-T160170Comp
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