UPDATE: 5/24/23 ~ RWGPS update, Online Registration update, and more!

Please note that we’ve closed the Online Registration as of 5/24/23. Please click on the AERC/PNER Fillable form, fill it out, print it, and bring it along. If you don’t have the capability to do this, there are forms in camp.

Please print and fill out the Outback Station Venue Waiver, found in the Rider Packet, and bring it with you to ride camp. The camp fees and waivers will be collected at the time of your registration.

Please double check your routes, if you’ve already downloaded your tracks off Ride with GPS! There has been a small amount of human error component, when loading up the tracks (who me? ahem…sorry!). Make sure you have the “Revised” tracks for Willow Butte, Willow Short, and Hole in the Ground. The RWGPS PNER Organization routes are correct, and the “Collection” within Max and D’s RWGPS account has been updated and should be correct. Jala has been running her hiney off trying to keep up with my mistakes. ~Darlene

Be prepared for a Revised Ride Camp as well! We’re working out the rougher details for how our vet check will function for the 2024 AERC National Championships. We’ve moved the vet area to the arena, behind the shower house. We have access to electricity there, as well as an organized, consistent “turf” to examine the horses, as well as provide a safe spot for any treatments, in the barn, if needed. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that our veterinarians won’t need to do any treatments this year. On that note, please be assured, if your horse does need a treatment, they will be in good hands with our outstanding team of ride veterinarians, Dr Cassee Terry, Dr Mike Foss, Dr Shannon Findley and Dr Maura Black.

Mrs Smallz Food Truck will be on site on Thursday, 5/25/23. Thank you, again, Cyndi! The food is incredible! So tasty! We ate them out of house and home last year, and hope we can aspire to that level of greatness once again! Our volunteers will also enjoy meals, courtesy of the ride, at Mrs Smallz!

The fire pit will be in full swing again this year. Plan to hang out and cheer our MANY 100 milers on as they finish their rides Saturday evening/wee hours of Sunday morning!

Carol informed us that, as of the evening of 5/23, there are approximately 120 riders signed up to ride the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride this year! Yahoo! We’re pretty excited about that!

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