There’s a P1neApp art style for the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride!

What is P1neApp, you ask? You’ll learn all you need to know about this fun new app, dreamt up and made a possibility by Layne Lewis, of Willowview Consulting, LLC.

P1neapp is a health and wellness journey tool. An application that takes your movement data and creates art. Each style is unique, just like you and your workouts. P1neapp can be used for fitness tracking, sports, therapy/rehabilitation, recreational activities and more!  

P1neapp is an inspirational, innovative way to celebrate success and accomplishments. A unique visual option, to SEE your movement! Print out your art and display it or share it with a friend! 

Adults love it, kids love it, this app is for everyone! 

*P1neapp News* – Now available on Apple watch! 

Website Link:

Instagram: –

Facebook: P1neApp –

What’s even more exciting is that the gang at P1neApp have developed an awesome art style for the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride, that all riders can download and use during the ride!

Darlene loaded up this art style for the Eagle Canyon Endurance Ride, as seen below:

The coolest thing about P1neApp is that everyone’s result will be different, uniquely yours, like the one above is uniquely Darlene’s based on her ride at Eagle Canyon. The rays of sunshine correlated to the speeds she did, during the ride, as well as the “hills” seen below.

Now for the coolest stuff! Here’s a sneak peak at the art style made for the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride by the developers at P1neApp!

This is similar to how your P1neApp track will look! What a wonderful tribute to the namesakes of our ride!

We will have more information on P1neApp at the the Ride Registration table, for those interested. Better yet, have the app all loaded up on your smart phones before you get to camp so you can try out some designs before you ever get to the ride!

Many thank you’s to Layne and her gang for making this app and the wonderful ride art style possible!

There’s still lots of time to get your information in to Shawna and Carol! Pre-Register today! We can’t wait to see everyone at the 2023 Mary & Anna Memorial Ride!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride!

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