2023 Mary & Anna Memorial – loops, elevation, and camp info coming soon!

Some of our riders have been in touch asking about elevation, out checks, etc. No worries, if anyone knows Darlene, they know she’ll soon hit the blog with more information than a person can digest in one day!

We have some exciting ideas to explore with this ride in the next two years, since we’re hosting 2024 AERC National Championships!

The map above is an overview map that we created to see how things lay out from above. Before we post any tracks, maps, or serious ride information, we’ll need to have a look out there on the loops, and in the case of that yellow one you see, get it “ground true” before we publish it. Yes, we’re looking to debut a new loop this year! We’re pretty excited about it!

So, as you can see, we’re working on things, and oh the things we’re working on! Can’t wait for everyone to get a taste of the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride this year and next!

In the meantime, continue getting those ponies fit by attending the upcoming AERC NW Region rides, the Grizzly Mtn Ride, the Eagle Canyon Endurance Ride or the Battle of the Flatlands ride during the month of April!

Can’t wait to see everyone at the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride over Memorial Day weekend!

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