Add the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride to your 2023 ride calendar!

By now, most riders are aware that the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride will be hosting the 2024 AERC National Championship.

What this mostly means is that we have two years to perfect your ride experience and help you get prepared for the AERC National Championship in 2024!

The Ride Management Team is already hard at work getting things lined out. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since we take our ride management duties very seriously!

We have many things we want to accomplish in the next year and a half. We’ll need an army of volunteers to make this happen. Stay tuned for your opportunity to help make the NW shine in the sport of endurance riding!

Everyone interested in qualifying for the AERC National Championship 50 or 100 miler has two great opportunities to come out to the test rides, happening in 2023 and 2024.

The 2024 AERC National Championships will be held the weekend of August 16, 2024.

Check back regularly for updates and the lastest information regarding the rides!

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