UPDATE: 5/18/2022 Equine EHM and the Mary and Anna Ride

Baby Emma says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Oh wait! It was Benjamin Franklin that said that!

I have spoken with both Dr Cassee Terry, of Redmond Veterinary Clinic, and Dr Shannon Findley, of Bend Equine in the last several hours about the Equine EHM cases that have been dealt with in Deschutes County this week.

They are outlining what we’ll be doing at the ride this weekend and I intend to post/publish that later today (5/18).

One very important point that Dr Findley has pointed out is that if your horse is due for their Rhino vaccine, please do it as soon as possible. Dr Findley says, “While it doesn’t prevent the neurologic form of the virus, it does reduce the shedding of herpesvirus in general.” She feels that people need to jump on this, THIS WEEK, for the vaccine to be effective.

Just be reassured for the time being, that unless you have been to the Oregon Horse Center, in Eugene, Oregon, with your horse, or your horse has been in close contact with a horse that has been to the Oregon Horse Center in the last month, your horse is at a very low risk for Equine EHM. If your horse HAS been in the situation I just mentioned, I am assuming that you will not be planning to come to the Mary and Anna Ride this year.

Ok, that said, please stay tuned, and I’ll get a post out later today.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!

~Darlene Merlich

Referenced Situation regarding EHM in Deschutes County, Oregon

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