Anna and Mary Memorial Ride ~ Update 5/6/2022 ~ Paying for your entries

Things are humming right along with Anna and Mary Ride prep!

When it comes to paying for your entries, please note the changes, outlined on our Online Entries page.

At this time, our ride bookkeeper, Carol Giles would prefer that riders show up and pay at the ride. It has become very difficult to manage the camping fees from the ride fees and she would prefer to just do things right at the ride. Please come prepared to pay cash or with a check at the ride.

Many riders register, pay, and then end up changing plans at a Pioneer ride. We get it! Paying at the ride, for the ride you’re riding the next day will vastly simplify the process for Carol.

Please still visit our Online Entries page and register so you’re on Shawna’s spreadsheets!

Thank you for understanding! If you need to chat with Carol regarding your ride payment, please feel free to email her at:

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