The 2022 Mary and Anna Memorial Ride Flyer is ready!

Our 2022 Mary and Anna Memorial Ride Flyer is ready for publication! As always, keep in mind that things can change between now and the end of May.

Always refer to the website and this blog for the latest most accurate information regarding the ride.

Important Entry Fee Payment Information:

Please do not pay entries or try to enter before February 1st! We’ll have things all set up by then. If you attempt to pay for your entry before 2/1/22, your payment may be refunded.

Our ride treasurer, Carol Giles, would just as soon get checks from folks. They’re much easier for her to process. We’ll have a spot for you to check that you’ll be sending a check to Carol for your entry. You can still pay online, if you prefer, but be aware, if you use PayPal and you don’t pay using “Friends and Family”, your payment will be refunded, and you’ll be asked to pay again. You’ll also have the option of using Venmo, if you prefer. All of the links for these will be posted at a later date.


We are requiring a minimum of 10 paid entries to hold the 100 mile ride on May 28. This ride is a *perfect* lead up for Tevis! Get over here and do your 100 miler Tevis warm up in the Oregon Outback with us!


If you know of someone with a chuckwagon, or a food truck that would like to set up at the Mary and Anna Memorial Pioneer Ride this year, please put them in touch with Darlene ( We’d love to be able to offer food to our riders.

Without further ado…here’s the 2022 Mary and Anna Memorial Ride flyer! Can’t wait to see everyone at the end of May!

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