It’s official! The Mary & Anna Memorial ride is going Pioneer for 2022!

Mark your calendars! Due to two straight years of cancellation fears from wildfire smoke, we made the tough decision to change the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride from late August to late May. That’s right! The ride has been approved by AERC to be a pioneer 3 day ride over Memorial Day weekend!

The Mary & Anna Memorial will be held May 27, 28 and 29, 2022!

We are offering a 100 mile ride as well. We haven’t decided to hold the 100 on Saturday or Sunday. 100 mile riders, we need your input! Stay tuned for a poll!

We will need some volunteers to help man gates since the cows will be out on grazing allotments. Let us know if you’re willing and able to volunteer for some gate duty! We’ll take good care of you!

We’re looking forward to offering up a fantastic mix of some of the greatest trails the northwest region has to offer!

We’ll make an announcement when we open up entries. Many thanks to all who have encouraged us to make The Mary and Anna Memorial a Pioneer ride!

Remember, we donate a portion of the proceeds from the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride to the Mary & Anna Youth Rider Fund so Junior\Youth riders can continue to ride for free in the NW!

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