Update 8/26/22 Ride camp is open!

It’s starting off a beautiful day in the Oregon Outback! We’re expecting riders to begin rolling in today, and they are!

As you come into camp, please be aware of your area. Get out and scout around for a good spot. The sand is very soft in places.


We have an area taped off for the 75 and 100 mile riders to park so they’re not a long ways from the vet check. Please respect the line.


The pens are all marked with the last name of who has the pen reserved. please don’t park on top of that pen if your name isn’t on it. The person with the pen needs room to park too.

We’ll be in and out of camp today. If you happen to roll in while we’re out, please park smartly and consciously of your neighbors.

Travel safe everyone! We’ll see you soon!

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