Ride prep is in full swing!

Yes, the kitchen table is full of ride materials! The coffee table is covered in rode ribbon and the old green trailer is filling with all the things! It must be the week before a ride!

We’ve lost some entries, darn smoke, we’ve gained entries, yay, and through it all we’re maintaining our sense of humor.

GPS Tracks!

There’s a section of the Hole in the Ground + loop that has really flowered out. As in, the road is a foot deep in moon dirt. Max is out scoping that out, figuring out how to best keep horses and riders safe. This is why we haven’t released the GPS tracks yet. As soon as he gets home with his track, we’ll work on that and hopefully get the tracks out tonight!

Friday Dinner!

Valerie and Kevin are planning quite the feast! Can’t wait for Kev’s signature Barrel Chicken!

Online Registration/Register at camp

So listen, we’ll keep registration open until Thursday, 8/26, 7pm. Then you’ll have to register at the ride. No worries if you can’t register online. We’ll take care of you. Remember, add $10 to your entry if you intend to register and pay at the ride.


Parking…the areas up next to the fence were really soft last year. Please don’t park too far out and sink in that sand. Someone had to have a giant tow truck pull their motor home out of the soft sand last year. Don’t do that! We should have a parking monitor out there to help point you in the right direction on Friday.

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