You have time to…Make it Happen! Plan to attend the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride!

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The Mary and Anna Memorial Ride is scheduled for August 28, 2021. Hankering to try an endurance ride for the first time, we’ve got the trails. Hankering to bump up your distance? We’ve got the trails! Hankering to try your first or your horse’s first 100 miler? WE’VE GOT THE TRAILS!

Lots of beautiful two track roads, some single track and a big mix of desert and pine forest trails. Plentiful water will be provided on the trails. These trails were made for the sport of endurance riding. Realistic and doable. Not too easy, not too hard. Gradual elevation changes with lots of shade for the loops later in the day.

The 75 and 100 milers will start their day with a 50 mile desert loop, with an out vet check. The rest of their loops will be in the forest, with all vet checks coming back into ride camp. We had nearly 30 horse and rider teams out on the trails last year and they had very positive feedback. Come do your long distance ride here! We’ll take great care of you!

The 25 and 50 milers will be doing the forest loops back into camp. Fantastic trails for new to the sport horses and riders, as well as the seasoned campaigners!

Enter here:

Online: Anna & Mary Online Registration

Print & Send: PNER/AERC Fillable Entry Form

Send check, made out to “TER Endurance” to: Carol Giles, 1304 NE Montana Ln, Prineville, OR 97754

Payment Information:

  • You may pay via PayPal (friends & family ONLY. Anything else will be returned. Email:
  • You may pay via Venmo (see below).
  • You may send a check. If you wish to send a check, please send to Carol Giles, at the address listed above.

Venmo info:

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