It’s time to return the favor!

The recent fires have had a devastating effect on the families that our ride honors.

The family home that Sam and Anna Sampson built, then sold to their daughter Tiffany Laplante, her husband, Andy, and their three children burned to the ground this past week. Mary and Clarence Nunn’s home has been heavily damaged by smoke. These are strong, proud families, so asking for help doesn’t come easy.

I communicated with Tiffany this week about the ride donating some funds back to the families. She gratefully accepted the offer and sent me a list of things the families are currently needing. The following is a copy and paste of part of our conversation:

“Nunn’s will need bedding and mattress and such as the smoke damage is bad… the biggest thing for us at this point will be getting set up with power and water then getting a couple big conex trailers up there for storage… I’ve got to get something set up for our personal items and hay storage before winter hits.”

I have also found a Go Fund Me set up for Tiffany and her family: Laplante Family Go Fund Me account. If you would like to contact Tiffany to see what their specific needs are, she has given permission to share her cell number: 503-803-7617

The Mary and Anna Memorial Ride managers plan to donate some of the proceeds from the recent ride to the families. We will still make a donation to the Mary and Anna Memorial Youth Rider Fund, but it just doesn’t feel right to not help the families who are the heart and soul of the ride.

If you would like to make a cash donation, we can set up a crowd funding site if that makes folks feel more comfortable. Send me a note with your preference. My email is If you have access to some of the things that the families might need, I would encourage you to contact them directly to arrange a donation.

We can set up a collection point at our ranch in Powell Butte, Oregon and arrange to get things taken over the mountains to Molalla, or we can set things up to be sent directly to the affected families.

Thank you for considering helping the Sampson/Nunn Families in this time of destruction and sadness.

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