UPDATE 8/24/2020 ~ Air Quality at the Outback Station

We’ve received many queries about the air quality at the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride camp. Carol Giles and Ron Sproat headed out there today to spend the week and help get the trails all ready for our riders.

I received this text from Carol today, “It was smoky when we arrived, but blew out so now it’s fine. Probably going to depend on the wind. Temp was wonderful!” This picture accompanied her text.

Sunset on the Outback Station, 8/24/2020

Max is headed down tomorrow morning. Carol and Ron have marked the Willow Short 15 mile loop, and will mark the Ft Rock 50 mile loop tomorrow. Max plans to mark the Jones Well Short 24 mile loop. So far so good! I will continue to update as we get closer to Friday.

Let’s ride!


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