UPDATE ~ Mary and Anna Memorial Ride ~ 8/9/2020

Just another reminder…the AERC ride will be held on August 29 and the EDRA ride will be held on August 30.

There are currently no waitlists for either Saturday or Sunday. If you signed up for one of the rides, but wanted to ride the other, please send Shawna a note, and she can get you switched to the day you want to ride.

Our ride camp is in great shape, which we’re pretty happy about. The trails that we saw today look really good! Darlene will be posting more trail descriptions in the coming days.

Darlene will also be creating a page on this website with all of the paperwork you’ll need to ride the ride. Waivers for the Outback Station and the Covid Waiver, any ride organization waivers you may need to sign. She will have documents with ride camp rules, maps, local services, etc.

An additional reminder…we won’t be able to serve our regular catered meals due to Covid restrictions. There is a great little bar in Ft Rock called the Waterin’ Hole that makes some great burgers! Ask us how we know. 😉

Thank you to all who’ve contacted us to volunteer! We really appreciate it! There are some gates on the 50 mile loop that the 75 and 100 mile riders will be using. We’d love having some gate guards to help out.

Max checking out Hole in the Ground. Yea, that’s Adakai doing one of his typical photo bombs!
The grand entrance to the Outback Station
The Outback Station used to be known as the Gebhard Well.

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