UPDATE – Mary and Anna Memorial Ride 8/6/2020

As a reminder, the AERC ride will be on Saturday, August 29. The EDRA ride will be held on August 30.

We have buttoned up several details on the 2020 Mary & Anna Memorial Ride. Please read carefully, the following announcements. There are several files for you to download and print. If you have any trouble, please contact Darlene (endrncrider@gmail.com) for assistance.

Your Mary & Anna Memorial ride tracks are uploaded to Ride with GPS!

They are in the EDRA club site (Thank you Sue Summers!) as well as the PNER club site (Thank you Jala Neufeld!). If you’re not a member of either EDRA or PNER, you can find the tracks here: MAMR tracks. If you have difficulty with the tracks, you can contact Darlene. If you prefer GPX tracks, or another GPS format, please contact Darlene.

Please visit our Ride with GPS page to help you get the RWGPS app on your phone. You will want to do this all ahead of the ride since the cell signal is VERY spotty out there for most folks. Have your tracks downloaded so they’re available in your “offline” library.

Criteria Sheet for the 2020 Mary & Anna Memorial Ride

Volunteers welcome!

We need volunteers! We need some folks to be gate guards, please! Contact Darlene (endrncrider@gmail.com) if you’re able to come and volunteer at the ride. We’ve had some folks already contact us, and we are grateful to you! We’ll feed you well and make sure you feel appreciated!

No Catered Meals in 2020

We are very sorry to announce that we will not be able to provide any catered meals to our riders and crews this year at the Mary & Anna Memorial Ride. We WILL be feeding our volunteers, however.

COVID Guidelines

Please download and print the following guidelines and Covid Waiver. You will need your signed Covid Waiver to enter the Ride Camp.

Crews & Family at the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride

Crews and family will be welcome at the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride, due to Lake County’s Phase 2 reopening plan. We will ask all riders, crews, and family members to adhere strictly to the Covid Plan we’ve published.

TO DATE, if you have registered online, for either the Saturday or Sunday ride, you’re in! We will post further updates if anything changes.

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