Our dates have changed!

We had a tough year, managing our rides in 2019. Rough weather, competing rides on the same weekend, etc. While we still managed to have lots of fun, we recognized that it’s tough on our riders.

We made the tough decision to let go of the 3Peat ride and concentrate on our other rides, the Grizzly Mtn ride in April and the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride in October. Since we can’t move the Grizzly Mtn ride due to the plethora of gates and cows, we began to search for a new weekend for our Mary and Anna Memorial Ride. We initially went for the first weekend in October, but realized belatedly, that this would put us in between two other multi day rides. Not wanting our riders to have to make choices about which rides to attend, we again searched for a suitable date.

In talking to our PNER Ride Manager Rep, Gail Williams, our EDRA Ride Manager Coordinator, Kathleen Ferguson, and our AERC NW Sanctioning Director, Naomi Preston, we settled on August 29-30 for the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride. We’ll have a good moon, longer days, and warmer weather for our riders and this makes us happy!

This is a preliminary copy of our 2020 ride flyer, which is subject to change at any given moment!

Thank you to all of our riders for your patience and understanding!

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