3Peat – Day 1 is in the books!

Day 1 started chilly, but dry. We were thankful for that! Many thanks to all the folks who showed up to our first day of the 3Peat Rides!


30 Miles:

  1. Tani Bates on Marjan
  2. Kyle Hockett on Spice (BC)
  3. Sarah Ferguson on Serenade
  4. Carol Hasselbroek on Glorified Command
  5. Rachel Schneider on Feather
  6. Sue Turner on Bella
  7. Pat Highlander on Ladybug
  8. Siiri Berg on Fritz the Kat

50 Miles:

  1. Dennis Summers on Peach (BC)
  2. Sue Summers on Easy
  3. Darcy Bean-Hollander on Squirt
  4. Joslynn Terry on Prior – tie for 1st Jr and Jr BC
  5. Ansley McCabe on Norm = tie for 1st Jr
  6. Celena Pentrack on Wiley
  7. Darla Westlake on Ali
  8. Sierra Westlake on Perfect Elegant Storm
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