We’ve got it covered!

Max and Carol headed to the Outback this morning, all set to go out and lime the corners and set out signs.

You’ll see these and other signs out on the trail, and in camp. If you reserved a pen, you’ll see the pen # and the days you have reserved on the pen, as shown above. These signs are laminated so they won’t be damaged by the elements. 

Max even go to fire up his chainsaw a few times, getting a stray snag out of the trail here and there. You’ll see his trademark out there! It’s been a long time since he left one of those! 



The dust is down, thanks to recent rain. There is lots of grass on or near most of the trail and things are still looking quite fresh out there.

We are encouraging all of the 3Peat participants to get together each evening near the fire and get to know one another. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the dinners and awards each evening. We will be running the distance events, ride and ties, and ETS competitions this weekend. For a menu/dinner refresher, please go back a day or so in the blog. I posted it earlier this week. We would love for you guys to bring stuff for the taco bar on Saturday evening.

This is a great opportunity to learn about an equine discipline you may have been curious about, but never got to ask about. Some of the top competitors in each discipline will be at the 3Peat this weekend! What a great time to get to ask questions and get quality answers!

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