Good eats at the 3Peat Rides!

Many thanks, once again, to Landmark Catering for helping the 3Peat rides with some awesome eats each night. We will be providing meals to our volunteers and veterinarians. Riders and all others are welcome to join us, for the minimal fee of $5/person.

Meal times before the awards are always such fun, getting to know new people, see old friends, catching up, and planning for the next day! Please plan to join us each evening! We are looking forward to seeing the distance riders get to know some ETS folks and get the opportunity to learn a little about the two sports between them.

Thursday night we will be serving Chicken Parmesan and green salad.

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Friday night will be a hearty Shepherd’s Pie and green salad!

Saturday night will be a Taco Bar! Max and Darlene will be providing the seasoned beef. We would love for folks to bring “innards” for the tacos! Taco shells, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, refried and black beans, salsa, the works!

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Sunday night will be Lasagna and green salad.

We’d love if folks brought a dessert dish to share each evening! Just pick an evening and create something simple and tasty!

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