The Outback Station ETS Event is live!

Michelle Kronsberg and Darlene Merlich began competing in ETS events in 2017 for a variety of reasons, personal injuries and a rehabilitating Rock Star were some of them. They met many new folks in this exciting sport and decided they wanted to share this sport and mix it with their distance riding endeavors.

We are pleased to announce that our Equine Trail Sports Trail and Obstacle Challenge has been approved by ETS and is live on their website!

You can also find a tab on this website, leading you to the ETS website, where you can find more information and register for our events and any other ETS events you may be interested in.

The ETS events will be open to all, and maybe some distance riders will want to compete in one of the obstacle challenges, and perhaps some ETS folks will want to enter one of the offered distance events.

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